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Some latest coverage in 1883 Magazine featuring:

1 & 3. Emilio Cavallini Tights

2. Bora Aksu jacket

4. Grand Bazaar London ‘ LOVE ‘ necklace

Team Goodley

Mischa Barton loves Grand Bazaar London


mischa barton - grand bazaar 2-

This photo is re-posted from Mischa Barton’s Instagram account (@Mischamazing). We are very happy to see that the amazing actress is a fan of  Grand Bazaar London jewellery.

Team Goodley

Grand Bazaar London X Batiste Dry Shampoo


Grand Bazaar London have teamed up with Batiste Dry Shampoo and are celebrating LOVE with a competition, giving away a beautiful Grand Bazaar London‘LOVE’ necklace. 
In order to enter, just follow the steps HERE. The procedure is a piece of cake, we promise!

batiste X grandbazaar

 Team Goodley